15 April 2010

Working out with Patience

The day after Easter we got a new family pet. As most of the people who know me know.... I LOVE animals. Haha. We recently found a new home for our much loved Beagle named Pana (a word for Buddy in Venezuela) about 2 months ago. The reason being is that he was a little too hyper for Abraham, especially that Abraham will be crawling soon. I love to have pets. After doing some research, I found that rabbits make very good pets. :) They can be litter-trained and don't require much work, but appreciate lovingkindness. In no time I found a very wonderful family in Coto de Caza that breeds rabbits. All kinds of rabbits. We picked out our favorite baby rabbit (a velveteen lop, the newest breed of rabbits she told us...) and picked her up when she turned 2 months old - the day after easter! We named her Patience.

Saul, Abraham, and I have made a habit to go to the field right by our house for a "work out" time every monday, wednesday, and friday to stay fit. While Saul runs around the field (usually 5 times) I walk with Abraham or sit on a blanket and stretch. Today we went on a thursday, and we brought Patience. This may seem weird, but Petco sells harnesses and leashes for rabbits... we got one. I think it's kinda cool.