30 September 2010

The Colors Have Changed

September. So many changes; both the colors in the leaves and the weather, and also in our living situations and lives. Gagi stayed at our condo for about a week and a half at the end of August when she was released from the therapy place, and during that time shared with us that she thinks it would be good for us to live together. We had just recently payed the rent, so we have until the 28th of September to move out. We are glad to be moving in the Gagi, and the hope of pleasing The Lord is our strength. But no doubt, we will miss this place SO much. We have lived here for 14 months and have so many beautiful memories here.

Gagi settled back into her house on September 6th, and we all have been working so hard to organize, baby-proof, and sort through the things that Gagi wants to keep and things she wants to sell, donate, or throw away. We started with the family room, went to her bedroom in the front of the house, then the master bedroom (which we will have because she doesn't want to walk down the long hallway), then the backroom (which will be Abraham's room), then the dining room.

We moved in on the 22nd of September. We were so glad that we decided to move in early so that we could peacefully clean the condo before giving the keys back to our landlady while continuing to unpack our things at Gagi's.

Saul has the wonderful ability to organize VERY well, and he enjoys doing it! I know... I am a very blessed lady! :) We usually leave the organizing to him, and the cleaning to me. We try to act as Gagi's muscles and she sorts through her things and directs is as to where to put them.
Saul has done a great work with Gagi's home, and she has loved getting her house back to what it once was. Before having this hip replacement, it was hard for her to do many ordinary things. We are so glad to see her gain simplicity and peace from having a clean and organized home. We have been watering her front and back yard, and her grass and plants are growing again! We laid some seed before moving in, and now the lawn in the front yard is nearly covered with healthy grass. It's beautiful!

Abraham has been sleeping through the night and he has been loving his new room. It is sailboat themed. He has an adorable sailboat crib set, and I found an antique sailboat model that we have displayed high in his room. I hope to paint a sailboat on a giant canvas and hang it next to his crib. On the floor in his room we have foam squares of the alphabet and numbers. It really unites his room and it is so adorable. He loves the colors and loves to play on it. Our ikea billy bookcases that we had in our condo are now in Abraham's room. His room looks awesome and it is really organized.

The day that we gave our keys back to our landlady, Nena and Savi and Lucca (Saul's sister and our nephews that live in Santa Rosa) came down for a visit. We had a fun family dinner with them that evening, and Gagi was able to meet Lucca for the first time! They stayed for a few days and we were able to spend some good quality times throughout the days that they were here.

We can't believe that Abraham is getting so big! We are encouraging him to walk by holding his hands and walking with him. We try to only give him one hand to hold onto so that he has to balance more on his own. He seems to be improving day by day. He's getting so big and so old!!