30 June 2010

June Summed Up

Okay. Keeping up with this blog is harder than I thought. I am going to make a point to keep up with this more often. (my apologies for all who read it)

Can being busy be a good thing? This past month of June has been a really fun time for the Moreno family! This month Abraham has started crawling, pulling himself up, and sitting himself back down again. He is the cutest person I have every seen and I could watch him move his little self around all day long and love it! (and I literally do) At first he started with the "army crawl," and now he getting up on his knees and hands. My little sister, Maddy, graduated from high school this month! It wasn't too long ago that I did that - and it is SO funny/ weird for me to see her in this light. She will be going to TCU (Texas Christian University) this coming semester and leaving to move in there in 5 weeks!! So hard for me to believe it. Another great happening this month is that our good friend Andy came to stay with us for a week. Saul loves to spend time with Andy; they met at Westmont and played soccer together; he is a brother to Saul. We hit all of the places we usually take him to: the lake, Inka Mamas (our favorite restaurant), the tennis courts, the pool... and oh yeah! Saul and Andy ran up and down Saddleback Mountain - 22 miles long in 9 hours (they were hurting). Overall it was a good time of fellowship, encouragement, and quality times. In the last few days of June, we finally made a trip up to Santa Rosa to meet our nephew, Lucca! We have learned our lesson: when babies are born, you just have to drop everything and go meet them. Amen. Lucca is 3 months old now and such a tank! He is adorable, mellow, sweet, and solid. :) Savi is just as cute and smart as always and it was so good to see all of the Coons. We were able to stay with them for 3 nights and 4 days, which I loved - quality time is so good. Nena (Saul's sister Christina) and Nate showed us around Santa Rosa. We hiked (when it was like 102 degrees), shopped, watched "Remember Me" (don't ever see it), and toured the city. I just loved seeing Abraham with his cousins. I hope that they will be close - Lucca and Abraham are just 5 months apart.

June was a lot of fun.

Look for more posts more often! :)