25 April 2010

Sitting Up Tall and Eating Solid Foods

Pretty much when Abraham turned 6 months, he was able to sit up for more than a couple seconds without help. Now, he's getting better and better at balancing himself. And since he's 6 months old now, we are really trying to have him eat some solid food at least once a day. Our pediatrician thinks he should eat solid food 3 times a day (we've only done that once, but getting better...) He is still learning how to use his tongue to swallow and how to keep the food actually in his mouth. :)

My mom is SO caring. She comes over once a week to give me time to focus on getting my homework done for Liberty University Online. Saul and I have one year left from the end of this summer to finish our bachelor's degrees and we are taking full quarters until then. It makes getting the work done so much easier with my mom's help. (I think she likes it, too) Well anyways, when she was over this past week we put Abraham in his Inglesina table-seat (it's not really a highchair, but more like a portable highchair and it attaches to our table; they have to sit up on their own to sit in it). He was able to totally sit up in it, and she fed him some baby oatmeal (more than he's ever eaten at one time before!)

17 April 2010

{ Reminisce }

Abraham just fell asleep (ahhh). Tomorrow he turns 6 months old - half a year already! Goodness, it has FLOWN by. I feel like I can remember everything about these last six months perfectly - when we brought him home from the hospital, he barely fit in his carseat and I sat in the back seat trying to make the car ride as smooth as possible for him; his first bath where he screamed the whole time; going to NYC and walking around the city in the rain and snow (he was perfectly content); his first smile, and first laugh. (sigh) Its hard for me to remember what our lives were like before Abraham.

I don't have a picture of Abraham when he's [super] little posted, so here's one.

15 April 2010

Working out with Patience

The day after Easter we got a new family pet. As most of the people who know me know.... I LOVE animals. Haha. We recently found a new home for our much loved Beagle named Pana (a word for Buddy in Venezuela) about 2 months ago. The reason being is that he was a little too hyper for Abraham, especially that Abraham will be crawling soon. I love to have pets. After doing some research, I found that rabbits make very good pets. :) They can be litter-trained and don't require much work, but appreciate lovingkindness. In no time I found a very wonderful family in Coto de Caza that breeds rabbits. All kinds of rabbits. We picked out our favorite baby rabbit (a velveteen lop, the newest breed of rabbits she told us...) and picked her up when she turned 2 months old - the day after easter! We named her Patience.

Saul, Abraham, and I have made a habit to go to the field right by our house for a "work out" time every monday, wednesday, and friday to stay fit. While Saul runs around the field (usually 5 times) I walk with Abraham or sit on a blanket and stretch. Today we went on a thursday, and we brought Patience. This may seem weird, but Petco sells harnesses and leashes for rabbits... we got one. I think it's kinda cool.

11 April 2010

Cloudy days are my favorite

Something about Abraham that I appreciate SO much is how great of a sleeper at night he is. He sleeps with Saul and me (we both love it), and we usually go to bed around 11:00 at night. Lately, Abraham has been going to sleep at 8:00 which gives us some nice quality time to be together and also for me to get some much needed chores done. Abraham usually wakes up around 7 or 8, but I nurse him and we go back to sleep until about 9:00 in the morning. The only times I nurse him, since the chocolate fiasco, are once during the daytime, and at night. It's how he falls asleep and stays asleep with me.

It's almost his 6-month birthday (April 18th!), and Saul and I were thinking of making the switch for Abraham to sleep on his own in his crib... haha - I keep on postponing the day when we actually WILL make the switch; I think I even sleep better when Abraham's with me. But, we definitely do not want him sleeping with us forever. Maybe just until he wants to stop nursing altogether? We don't know. Let's wait and see... :)

08 April 2010

Here goes something new...

To family, friends, acquaintances, and maybe even strangers...

This is a blog about the Moreno family, but mostly about Abraham Shaul Moreno. I have been wanting to journal about all of the memorable things we have done together so far, but I always seem to forget! Having this blog has 2 main benefits: 1 - It will keep me accountable to record our times together. 2 - All of you can share in our experiences, too! I call this blog, The Adventures of Abraham.