11 April 2010

Cloudy days are my favorite

Something about Abraham that I appreciate SO much is how great of a sleeper at night he is. He sleeps with Saul and me (we both love it), and we usually go to bed around 11:00 at night. Lately, Abraham has been going to sleep at 8:00 which gives us some nice quality time to be together and also for me to get some much needed chores done. Abraham usually wakes up around 7 or 8, but I nurse him and we go back to sleep until about 9:00 in the morning. The only times I nurse him, since the chocolate fiasco, are once during the daytime, and at night. It's how he falls asleep and stays asleep with me.

It's almost his 6-month birthday (April 18th!), and Saul and I were thinking of making the switch for Abraham to sleep on his own in his crib... haha - I keep on postponing the day when we actually WILL make the switch; I think I even sleep better when Abraham's with me. But, we definitely do not want him sleeping with us forever. Maybe just until he wants to stop nursing altogether? We don't know. Let's wait and see... :)