28 July 2010

Goodness, Encouragement, and Love

July. I hope to be posting more than once a month, but I haven't gotten much better at this. On the Fourth of July, Saul, Abraham, and I went to Calvary Chapel Rancho Santa Margarita for the first time (and Abraham went to his first Sunday School nursery for the first time!) Since this day, God has confirmed time and time again that this is where He wants us to be! It is so good to know this and has brought so much peace and rejuvenation to our family. Saul has benefitted so much by the Men's Bible study - and I have grown because of Saul. There are some great friends that Saul has now. I am so excited for the women's bible study to start in September! We have already made some awesome friends at CCRSM - one of which is the mission/ bible college teacher. We met with him just a couple of days ago and told him about our passion for "uncovering the islands of Indonesia." He traveled to Indonesia 5 years ago, and has wanted to go back for years. Talking with him, telling him our story, sharing with him what God has done and how He has inspired us - it is so good and such confirmation to us to have a like-minded mission pastor who can spur us on and build us up in God's love and wisdom! There are many areas around the world (and around RSM) that CCRSM is involved in

Abraham is now a "professional" crawler! :) He is so speedy on his hands and knees! He can also pull himself up and is in the beginning stages of "cruising." His new favorite food are the gerber berry yogurt drops. He can snack on those all day long. At the moment, I think Abraham has his very first cold - poor guy. We will be going to the doctors tomorrow. :( We at first thought that it was teething... but still NO teeth.

Maddy leaves for college at TCU SO soon! We are going to miss her so much. The next time she will be out here in California will for Abraham's birthday in October. I have some special surprises planned for her before she leaves :)