29 August 2010

August Memories

So, I'm kind-of cheating by editing the post date, but I'm doing it anyways. :)
August was a very fun, and eventful month! It really flew by and there were so many good things that happened... Abraham started cruising this month by holding on to furniture, walls, and pretty much anything he can grasp, and walks himself around! It is so adorable to watch. You know what people say about babies being better readers if they are good crawlers? Because of this, I discouraged Abraham's early attempts at walking and even the beginning of this kind of cruising... but Saul and I have come to realize that he will walk when he is able to walk. To hinder his development that he wants to happen more of a hindrance to him than anything else!

Something that we were glad to do this month was to care for Saul's grandma (we call Gagi/ Gaga). She had her second hip replacement, and we were able to taker her to the hospital August 10th for her surgery. She stayed in the hospital for about a week and then went to a rehabilitation/ therapy place for recovery.

Saul went on a mission trip to Ecuador August 22 and returns on September 1st. Saul is fluent in Spanish, and knew that God could greatly use that gift of his on this trip. In Ecuador, he and the rest of the group are paving the way for a bible college to be founded in Cuenca, Ecuador. They are meeting with pastors, discipling leaders, and handling the practical parts of it too. Saul and some of the other guys on the trip shared the love of Christ to some men at a heavy metal concert one night, and one man gave his life to The Lord! They visited orphanages, attended a small wedding, and visited children with cancer at a children's hospital. Some of the children accepted Christ and have their lives to Him. Hallelujah! Saul has had a great experience there.

One thing that God had put on Saul's heart and my heart was to move in with Gagi and live together. We felt we should do this to help care for her (to help her in recovery, help with her home, and just help her with some practical chores that may be hard for her), and to just live life together for a while. We present this idea to her a couple of days before Saul left for Ecuador and asked her to pray about it and think it over.

August, like I wrote before, has FLOWN by! Maddy left for college on August 10th, and we have missed her SO much. She seems to be loving life and has come to meet some great people in Texas. She is blessed with a wonderful roommate, and there are so many fun things for her to do. She is part of the sorority Delta Gamma, which my cousin Alexis is part of at a different college. I guess DGs run in the family. haha.