30 May 2010

Hola Senior

Saul and I are now Seniors at Liberty University Online. We finished these last courses (with much help from my mama taking care of Abraham while we worked on projects) and we have started another 2 classes. Liberty is on the quarter system, so we take 2 classes a quarter, 4 a semester, for a full work load! We take classes year-round, and we are hoping to be finished by the end of August of 2011. Possibly sooner, possibly later. Part of us wants to take it easier and take just one class a qaurter, and another part of us just wants to finish and be done!! :) How nice it will be when we ARE done. Sigh.

We got back a couple days ago from my cousin's/wonderful sister in Christ/one of my best friend's college graduation from Fresno State. She is going on to receive her teaching credentials, and it is so funny to see her do that because we would play "school" so often when we were young. I have always seen her as a teacher, and now she will professionally be one. :) She makes me smile. Her graduation party was so fun! There was dancing, and Saul and I actually got to dance. In high school we LOVED dancing together - not only at school dances, but we would go dancing at shows, or concerts, or on our own. Same in college - we would take ipod speakers and find an empty field and dance our hearts out! I miss that. Well it was hard for me to dance the way I wanted to while I was pregnant, and since Abraham has been born we haven't thought to go dancing. We loved dancing at the party! Our moves were a little rusty... hahahaha. Saul and I are planning on going dancing very soon! :)

While we were there, Abraham slept okay in his crib for the first 3 or 4 hours, and then would wake up crying. Because we were staying with my auntie and uncle, I didn't want to wake everyone up from his crying. We brought Abraham to sleep with us while we were there and when we got back home, he slept great back in his crib!