11 October 2010

Abraham's 1st Birthday Celebration!!!

Abraham's 1st Birthday party was so so so fun! So many family members and friends were a part of it; it was so much fun and Abraham had a great time. It was at the RSM "central park" also known as the city hall park. We had costco pizza and costco cake :) and my sister made Abraham a funfetti cake! It was a perfect sunny day - we wouldn't have changed a thing. My auntie Kim turned 50 on October 9th, 2010 and it was so nice of her to share that day for Abraham's 1st birthday celebration! This weekend my sister was able to come out from Texas and stay for even longer because it was her fall break. Later that day, all of the family went out for dinner to celebrate auntie Kim's birthday. Abraham had never had a cake before, so he didn't really know what to do. Saul had to show him that it was okay to grab it. After a little while cake was everywhere (especially in his hair).

The day after his party, we dedicated Abraham before our church. We had met with our pastor and told him our hopes of raising Abraham by teaching him the laws of The Lord and raising him to be a follower and lover of Him. So, sunday morning most all of our family (and church family) prayed with us that we would raise him in that way. It was very special. Funny side-note is that while we were praying, Pastor John was holding Abraham and Abraham started slapping his face!!! :) we had to hold Abraham's hands for the last bit of the prayer. haha